Adult Aquatics

With lap swimming, open and family swim times, water exercise classes, swim lessons, and more, the YMCA provides an enjoyable outlet for aquatic fun and fitness for the entire family! The Fercho YMCA also offers programs, services, and equipment for those with special needs.

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Adult Swimming Lessons

Adult Swimming Lessons help participants progress at their own pace. Whether it is overcoming fear and anxiety about the water, developing basic water skills, or working on endurance and efficiency, this is a great class for all levels!

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YMCA Swim School


Lap Swimming

Spare your joints and get an impactful cardiovascular workout by lap swimming! It’s a great full-body workout, elevating your heart rate and burning calories. We provide equipment to help vary the challenge and make lap swimming more enjoyable, like kickboards, pull buoys, fins, and more. Our certified lifeguards are always on hand to assist you with locating available equipment. To view reserved pool time for Lap Swimming, view our Aquatic Schedule.

YMCA Lap Swimming is for ages 15+. Youth under the age of 15 can lap swim by proving they can adequately swim laps and share a lane with other adults. This is up to the lifeguard's discretion.



Lap Swim Foundations

Mondays |12:00 - 12:45 pm

New to lap swimming? Our Aquatics staff will show you where the lap swim equipment is stored and how to use it! You’ll also learn how to share lanes and some swimming basics to get you started on a lap swim workout. FREE for members! No registration is required – just show up! Ages 15+



Adult Swim Training

Adult Swim Training is designed for triathletes or anyone wanting a challenging swim workout! This class combines interval swimming and other in-water exercises with dry-land, body-weight exercises for a full-body workout. A coach will help you improve your technique and reach your swimming goals. All levels are welcome – and exercises are adaptable if you prefer not to exit the water! 

Fercho | Wednesdays | 6 - 7 am | Ages 15+ | FREE for Members! - Members can bring a friend using their guest passes. 


Water Exercise Classes

Group Fitness Classes in the water are great for those trying to improve their cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and range of motion through continuous resistance and limited impact. Our varying levels of class difficulty and routines will provide opportunities for you to get an intense, interval-style workout, or simply stretch your muscles. To view reserved pool time for Water Group Fitness Classes, view our Aquatic Schedule.

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Water Exercise Classes