Water Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes in the water are great for those trying to improve their cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and range of motion through continuous resistance and limited impact. Our varying levels of class difficulty and routines will provide opportunities for you to get an intense, interval-style workout, or simply stretch your muscles. Classes include Aqua Zumba, Deep Water Exercise, WaterinMOTION, and more! To view reserved pool time for Water Group Fitness Classes, view our Aquatic Schedule.

YMCA Group Fitness Classes are for ages 15+. Youth ages 12-14 can earn access into Group Fitness Classes within arms-length of a parent/guardian, or unsupervised after completing the Y’s Youth Exercise Concepts Course, which consists of a one-hour session with a fitness associate. 

Water Exercise Classes are a great way to stay active, tone up and get in shape - and with the ease and reduced impact of our classes, people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities can enjoy the benefits of water fitness. Learn more about the benefits and what you need to get started below!

What is Water Exercise?

Our Water Exercise classes are Group Fitness classes, held in chest- to neck-deep water. Performing these usually basic moves in water makes the exercises more intense than if you were performing them out of the water, especially when you add extra resistance. Because of that, water aerobics has many cardiovascular and strength training benefits with a much lower impact on your body. The low impact workouts make water aerobics perfect for people all ages and fitness levels.

What are the Benefits of Water Exercise?

Because being in water creates a natural buoyancy, your body can be unweighted by up to 90%, making your water workouts much easier on your body. The low impact of this kind of workout makes it easier for you to get your heart rate going and shed the pounds in a way that puts less stress on your joints and muscles. The natural resistance created by exercising in the water also helps increase muscle strength, giving those fitness fanatics a different way to get toned.

Lastly, water aerobics builds cardiovascular endurance. Blood moves through the body at a faster rate when you’re in water, in an attempt to warm the body up naturally. When coupled with exercising, your cardiovascular performance is increased, which helps your body build up cardiovascular endurance over time.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

Because you'll be moving around in the water, you'll want to make sure you choose a one-piece fitness-style suit that's comfortable, secure, and has full-coverage in the areas you want keep hidden. You don't want to worry about your suit moving while you are! Another item to consider wearing are any kind of water shoes - as the constant contact of your feet to the floor can cause irritation and blisters. Lastly, if you want to intensify any of your water workouts, add in a weight belt, water barbells, or kickboards to increase your weight and resistance.